About Us

About Us

If you're currently using separate agencies for social and PR you’re missing a trick. In Ireland, our biggest group of consumer influencers are effectively the same for social and traditional media. Our ‘social celebrities’ are for the most part media personalities; radio DJs, TV presenters, online editors, newspaper features writers, etc. While in theory this should make it easier to seed your message across both mediums in one go, it requires a fully integrated approach between PR and social media as well as meaningful, personal relationships with this hugely important community.

With more than 40 years in the PR business and a fanatical focus on social and digital communications over the past decade, notorious PSG is best placed to help position your brand effectively through this network and place you directly in front of your target audience. We also develop and activate killer direct-to-consumer campaigns, from social media strategy and community management through to attention grabbing, and footfall driving experiential campaigns.

Of course, it’s not only about getting in front of the audience, it’s also about how you go about developing a strategy for grabbing their attention, developing a compelling content narrative that will engender brand love and how you effectuate action in terms of driving sales. No matter how big or small our clients deem themselves to be, we see them all as giants and provide a full strategic and creative development solution for each and every one.

If you like what you see and hear why not call us for a chat? We’re always willing to listen, and give our honest opinion and advice.  You never know, it might just be the best five minutes you’ve spent all year!

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